How to get here

Although Kusu Island is secluded and off the beaten track with no crowds, noise or traffic, it is easily accessible. You’re able to reach us by flight from Jakarta, Makassar and Manado to Labuha, followed by a short relaxing  boat ride to our resort. Then your vacation will truly begin. The airport is only 1 hour away.

Indonesia with more than 17.000 islands hosts the most diverse marine life on earth. Kusu Island is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle which boasts over 3.000 fish species and 600 coral species. Not only is the island surrounded by miles of pristine colourful reefs teeming with marine life, it is also located inside a 5-mile marine protection zone. With plenty of spectacular dive sites to choose from for all experience levels, Kusu Island is a diver’s dream come true. There are many well-known dive destinations around the globe. What sets Kusu Island apart is its exclusivity: Marvel at newly discovered, spectacular and undamaged reefs, with no other divers for miles and dive sites right at the island’s doorstep. Add to this our first-class service and fine cuisine, and you have one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Divers and non-divers alike will want to enjoy their most precious time of the year at Kusu Island Resort.

Kick back and completely relax in the tranquillity and secluded location of Kusu Island. There are no traffic noise, no pollution and only a few divers within our area. 


Our airport in Labuha is reachable from Makassar, Jakarta and Manado.

Airport Pickup

Our friendly staff will welcome you on arrival at Labuha’s Airport and assist you with baggage claim and will take care of your baggage until you arrive in your Ocean Villa. The car ride from the airport to the small port of Babang takes approximately 20 minutes.

Boat Transfer

After a relaxing 40-minutes  boat ride to our resort, your vacation will truly begin. Once are here, our friendly staff will serve you a delicious welcome drink before guiding you to your luxurious Ocean Villa.

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